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Jordan is a country on the continent Africa, her capital is Amman. Here is the hierarchy of the Jordan administrative divisions: Jordan is subdivided into governorates, that are at their turn subdivided into counties nahias, that are at their turn subdivided into cities, towns and villages.

How French name their localities: department, city, town, district ? You find also their zipcode. The cities, towns in France are all called communes with a Mayer as administtrative chief, independently of its population and town size. Sometime, a town with only 3 souls has a mayer.

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This is very different from the Chinese calling. There one has Chief of Village, Chief of Town, Chief of City.

In France, the zipcode is generally composed of 5 digits, of which the first two are the code of the departement that it belongs to.


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Jordanian cuisine is known for its delicious and flavorful dishes, influenced by the country's geography and history. One popular dish is Mansaf, which is considered the national dish of Jordan. It consists of lamb cooked in a yogurt-based sauce, served on a bed of rice and garnished with pine nuts and parsley.
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One of the most famous exports of Jordan is phosphate rock. Jordan is one of the largest producers and exporters of phosphate rock in the world. Other major exports from Jordan include clothing and textiles, fertilizers, and agricultural products such as fruits and vegetables. Jordan is also known for its tourism industry, with attractions such as Petra, Wadi Rum, and the Dead Sea drawing visitors from around the world.
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Jordan is one of the most spectacular countries in the Middle East, famed for its archaeological sites, stunning Jordanian art, beautiful landscapes, and delicious cuisine.
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