Historical Administrative Cutting of the China

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In the History, the China is already cut in a centralized way, in order to keep the unity of the Empire.

Xia, Shang, Zhou 夏商周
国家的出现 分封制 九州
Epoch of Spring-Autumn, Feighting Kindoms 春秋战国
Qin 秦
郡县制 郡的名目 内史
Han 汉
郡(国)、县(侯国、邑、道) 刺史部 《汉书 地理志》 《后汉书 郡国》
East Han, Three Kindoms 东汉末年、三国
Jin of West 西晋
Jin of East and 16 Kindoms, Dynasty North-South 东晋、南北朝
Shui 隋
Tang 唐
郡的消失 道、府的出现 节度使辖区(镇)
Five Epochs and Ten Kindoms 五代十国
军 监
Song 宋
Liao, Xia of West, Jin (Gold) 辽、西夏、金
Yuan 元
Ming 明
布政司 总督、巡抚辖区的出现 《明史 地理志》
Qing 清
Republic of China 中华民国 北洋军阀政府时期 国民政府时期

Today, the country is cut in the following order:

  1. Provinces, Autonomous Regions, Municipalities (Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, ChongQing).
  2. Under the Provinces and Autonomous Regions, they are Autonomous States, Counties, Autonomous Counties, Cities.
  3. Counties and Autonomous Counties are cut in Townships, Townships of National Minorities, Towns (Zhen 镇).
  4. Municipalities and Big Cities are subdivided in Districts, Counties. Autonomous States in Counties, Autonomous Counties, and Cities.

The County has appeared during the period of 'Feighting Kindoms' near 475 - 221 Av.-J.C., the key Epoch for the Chinese Nation when Confucius taught his lessons at the end of the Zhou dynasty.

The governor of a county is also the smallest grade in a national competition, classified as 7th level in the chinese mandarin system, called Sesam Mandarin for his small administrative surface, 七品芝麻官.


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