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How to Browse the Site ?

If you are an individual customer

  1. The Cookies of your browser must be enabled to use the shopping cart, actually: .
  2. To order an item, please choose it in the On Line Stock and add them to the cart by clicking on the image Add to cart associated with each item represented by its photo with its code,  its description and its price.
  3. Verify your order carefully by clicking on the cart that will give you the full list of your choices. If you are satisfied with your choice, pass to the next step. If not, you can choose more items or delete them from your cart, even abandon completely your order.
  4. Check out and fill the order bill, especially your address and any information that permits us to deliver the goods to you.
  5. Validate the on line form by a simple click on the button Validate. This gives us the departure signal to prepare the marchandise and the packaging as soon as the form is validated.
  6. You can ignore this step if you pay by PayPal
    as well as the next step.
    If you pay by check, please print the order form in two copies. Keep one copy for yourself as reference and send one signed copy to us by the Post with a signed bank check to the ordre of Asia Home™.
  7. The marchandise will be sent as soon as the reception of your order and the check by the Post.
  8. Please not hesitate to contact us for supplemental information .
  9. Continue visitingContinue visiting

If you are a professional

The displayed prices are those for the public sales. For you, we have also a special and very competitive price of FABRICANT and RENOVATOR. Please call us ot contact us .

We invite you to make first a tour of the Stock before making any order, and think about these questions:

After this step of reflection, it is as easy to shop in an On Line Shop as in your preferred supermarket!  You click with you mouse and we do the rest of the job for you!


To know more about the organization of our catalog, please visit the page Products Classification.

To know more about the organization of our site, please visit the page How to Browse the Site.

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