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Extra Deep Iron Wok 12" (30cm)
Price 32.80€
Coconut Milk PSP 400g
Price 2.53€
Korean Sushi YakiNori 5 Sheets 11g
Price 1.61€
Rice Vermicelli EG S 3mm 400g
Price 2.54€
Miraculous Insecticide Chalk 2pc 10g

The mirculous insecticde chalk is highly effective, low poisonous and safe to use. It kills cockroach, ant, lice and flea etc..

This maraculous chalk is a kind of contact insecticide. The insect's nervous system will fail to function and it will die within 4-10 hours after touching the powder with any part of its body.

Direction for use

  • The chalk is more effective to use at night.
  • Draw several parallel lines each 2 to 3 cm apart across the track which the insect used to take or around the insect's hidden lying place. The insect will be killed instantly when it touches the powder of the chalk.
  • Grind this chalk into powder and apply the powder in the opposite direction of the hair onto the underneath of the fur of the back and belly of the livestock and the lice of the livestock can be killed quickly.
  • Draw two of three circles around the feet of the food cabinet, the bait for the insects or the garbage pile.
  • The chalk will not produce pollution. Harmless to human being or animal. Just wash your hands with water after handling the chalk.
  • The chalk may be cut into several pieces before using. In drawing the lines try to leave more powder on it so as to acquire better result.
Price 0.41€
SA DOA: chewing against diabetes, hyper tension
Price 22.60€
Peanut Flavor Wheat Pop UNCLE POP 400g
Price 6.08€
White Black Fungus 80g
Price 1.82€
Oyster Sauce Panda 255g
Price 2.42€
Sweet Potato Vermicelli EG 500g
Price 3.50€
POUDRE SATE 500GR Lokovo EF Sachet 500g
Relever une soupe, assaisonner la viande en barbecue, ou diluer en sauce
Price 11.05€
White Radish
Price 4.86€
Frozen Pigeon Peas Exotic Equator 400g
Price 3.16€
Braised Bamboo Shoots Eaglobe 397g
Price 4.55€
Cocktail de Fruits Exotiques au Sirop Léger 565g
Price 2.84€
Délice de Bai Toey ADI 80g
Faire bouillir pendant 20 minutes.
Price 1.93€
Saté Poudre You Huy sachet 500g
Price 11.68€
Kolner Transit herbal tea Kölner 20x1.5g 30g
Price 3.85€
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15. nettoyage de maison - 2019-09-09 13:14:04
pour un ménage de maison vraiment bien fait et pas cher, il vaut mieux contacter des experts! ;)
14. gaine slim - 2017-05-28 12:17:20
Très belle boutique de gaine j'adore
13. xcharmes - 2017-02-22 11:59:02
Il y as vraiment de bon produit pour animatrices webcam sur se site!
12. asiahome asiahome - 2016-03-07 15:43:57
@briqus , il est vendu par sachet de 400g, non en cartons. Merci.
11. briqus - 2016-03-07 11:57:37
Bonjour j'aimerais savoir le produit : Pépite Tournesol Grillée Salée (GS) AREV 400g est bien vendus par colis de 24 paquets de 400 grammes ? Combien de temps en moyenne pour une livraison en France ? merci d'avance pour vos réponses. ;)


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