Write Chinese Online by Pinyin Method - 用拼音输入简体中文

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xie20Chinese  Pinyin Pinyin: Transcription in latin alphabet of Chinese pronunciation of Chinese ideograms. Input, type qipao for 旗袍:                Help

This input method allows you to enter the Chinese online with Pinyin method, ie the Chinese Phonetics, without installing any software. You can use this method as soon as you read Chinese in your browser: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari ... You can then copy the contents into Unicode UTF-8 in mail, your document in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, SQL Database, MySQL, ... You end an ideogram by typing the [SPACE] bar. Attention to select the character with the number, please use the buttons on the main keyboard, not on the keypad. For a more complex input, please install and use NJStar 南极星 NJStar 南极星.

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